Mouse - The Mouse is a prophet (he can see the future).  He loves corndogs.

Cat - The Cat is blue (not too many cats are blue in real life).  The Cat knows that his mouse friend is a prophet, but often forgets, which makes him frustrated.  The Cat also loves corndogs.

Prophet Buddy is about a cat and a mouse.  A cat and a mouse that are really good friends.  They do a lot of fun things together.  They have a lot of jokes and stuff.  They are also really good friends.  And they have fun.  Actually, Prophet Buddy is exactly like ‘Tom & Jerry’, if ‘Tom & Jerry’ was a comic and was a comic about two bestest friends.  Also the humor is kind of modernized and maybe not as funny, or violent.  The design isn’t actually like Tom & Jerry’s because actually it’s flatter, and actually it looks “low-budget”-y.  The cat and mouse in Prophet Buddy talk rather than act in pantomime (tests have proven: kids love talking animals, which is unlike ‘Tom & Jerry’).  The mouse is a little different from “Jerry” in that he is a prophet that can see the future while “Jerry” is just a mouse (boring/uncreative).  The cat is exactly like “Tom” (a cool cat).  They will have a lot of adventures if they get picked up for television.

The cat and mouse like to hang out on a wall because actually that is where all cool people that are friends hang out.